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November 14, 2016


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Janna Pyle

Well said, Pastor Scott. I so appreciate your wisdom and leadership. Thank you for standing strong for truth. Our household prays for you daily.

Chuck Wilkes, Jr.

Right on the money!


Good to hear your voice again through these words. Just finished doing a book study/supper club of your book, "Cycle of Victorious Living" with some new ladies at RCN. Great tool for conversation.

Jeff Carr

Good stuff Scott!

AJ Silva

Loved this! Thank you, Scott! May God bless you for your faithfulness of leading His people.

John Brasch

Thank you for recognizing an argument I've been using for years in these types of conversations regarding respect for civil authorities.
"(Few of the people whom I’ve heard use the text lately would be willing to admit that their use of the text invalidates the legitimacy of the American Revolution)."
Too many times we grasp at straws, scriptural or otherwise, to support our arguments.....and I am guilty as charged.

John Hall

Great comentary pastor, and very timely in these turbulent times. I would also encourage those who take the interpretation of Romans 13 to the extreme that they should also take time to read Luke 4:5-6. Who is it that has been given the authority over the kingdoms of the Earth to give to who he wants to? Our broken world has a spiritual problem, not a political one. It will not be restored to wholeness by a political leader but only by Jesus when he takes his seat of authority over the Earth and the time of the evil one comes to an end. If only we would spend as much time focusing on the spiritual as we do the political. I can only imagine.

Nancy Galassini

I so appreciate finally having an explanation of Romans 13! I have heard it being used in different ways in discussions, all the while thinking, "I'm not sure that's what God meant." Granted, I'm very late to the table, but just found this and wanted to express gratitude.

Joel Tooley

This needs to hit the walls of Facebook readers once more (1 1/2 years later!)

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