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September 12, 2012


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Jim Curty

Thank you, Scott for putting your thoughts and memories about Tim into writing. It is a shock. And so you know, even though we were never such close friends, I want you to know that I admire you and am thankful to God for all that you do for His kingdom.


Scott D.

Thanks, Jim. I appreciate you as well. Blessings, Scott

Jay Akkerman

Well stated, Scott. Tim and Angie were good friends to Kim and me at a particularly important time in our lives. We were so saddened by this news, and my heart goes out to Tim's family -- and to all of us who were touched by Tim's life over the years.

I'm thankful for the blessing of friendship today. I appreciate how your words have helped me value that even more.

Lurching forward,


Warren Tang

Hi Scott,

Thank you for this blog post. We share in your loss and appreciate your words of wisdom.

Blessings to you,

James Taylor

Well put Scott. Thanks.


Thank you Scott for taking the time to express your thoughts through this post. Amen!
In His grip,

Pam Thigpen

As a family member, and older relative (his father's niece), I was deeply touched and proud of the young man you described. We had recently united on facebook, along with many other cousins in our very large family. We all sense his loss, but are so very proud of what it means to be a Shea.

Pamela Shea Crocker Thigpen

Marsha Abeyta

Dear Pastor Scott,
I felt a wave of sadness for you when you shared how you'd cried when your son (I have one child, a son) went off to college and then again when you looked back at your rear view mirror and saw your daughter crying and you began crying again. And I feel sad for you, again...but isn't it so wonderfully comforting how we, as God's children, can share our sorrows and joys...even greater--He's sharing and carrying them too.

Most sincerely,
Marsha Abeyta


It's been almost two years since my brothers passing. And I found myself on his Facebook page today, father's day. I may not have thanked you when you posted this, but I hope you know how much you sharing your thoughts and memories with us meant and still means to this day. Thank you Scott.

Tim's little sister, Tammy.


Thanks, Tammy. Tim meant a lot to me at a very important time in my walk with Christ. He was a blessing in my life.


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