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June 15, 2009


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dr dobson


Again, you've hit it on the head of the nail: My fervent hope and prayer for anyone reading this, especially those who have blessed themselves with the cloak of defending the Traditionalism you speak of above, is that they will consider the breadth and depth of your analysis. My overriding fear, however, is that they'll just call you a liberal and a defender of the EC.

So, while those who seek something to be against continue to throw rocks, stay encouraged to keep up the good work of excellent analysis and foundation to your material--the Church of the Nazarene is hungry and in need of you and those of your ilk. Keep it up.

Greg D

A good read Scotty and some of the things I've tried to highlight with our self-insulating brothers and sisters of "concern." But they really don't want to listen or can't listen because of their course of violence against others. I appreciate your participation in the conversation despite the political mess that could be dropped in your lap for doing so. But then it wouldn't be your first mess courtesy of another, would it?

One of my primary frustrations against the EC critics is that, not only do they misquote or quote out of context as you suggest, they refuse to listen to the original source material at all. Most critics who continually attack Nazarene pastors do so while they refuse to call them, email them, listen to their sermons online, or take into account the numerous ways they embody Christ among their communities. Sound familiar? In such circumstances, claims of "discernment" are grossly inflated at best and certainly violent at most.

Keep writing


Great overview, very balanced and objective. Keep up the great work!

I hope that more people who have been tainted by groups that do not paint EC in a balanced light may read this in its entirety.

Andrew jones

Wow Scott
very impressive. And valuable. Thanks.

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