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June 08, 2009


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dr dobson


Fabulous series of posts in every respect. I am truly thankful for your insight, methods, respect and dignity of argument.

What has frustrated me about most within the Nazarene tradition for many years is the abhorrence of any mindful or thoughtfully-developed dialogue (in favor of the "God-said-it, I-believe-it, that-settles-it" mentality). You are a breath of fresh air (and always have been, by the way).

I am frankly ashamed that more folks have not posted responses in support of your excellent analyses of the EC movement and the yelling matches going on over it within the Nazarene blogosphere. I guess I'll chalk it up to your being correct (as I believe you are) and people vocally being responsive only to that with which they disagree.

Godspeed in your quest of maintaining a robust and intellectual defense of doctrine. As history has proven correct many times over, when any movement, belief system or culture loses its ability to discern, think and articulate its beliefs and systems, it will lose itself in the process.


I'm astounded by the time it must have taken for you to read and internalize and reflect on all of these arguments. Thank you so much for explaining this with such clarity. This whole series of posts should be a "must read" for all of us who desire to stay connected to the church while engaging in redemptive relationships with those outside our particular church culture.



This series of posts has been extremely helpful. Thank you for recognizing the need for such clarity and then taking the time to make it available.

With gratitude.


Scotty, you are right on my brother and I even agree with all 6 points. I'm not really sure what our Naz brothers are afraid of. We are all victims of a culture that has forgotten how to think and would rather choose soundbytes. It's how our leaders get elected nowadays as well. I think it's our charge as pastors to get people to think again, and you are doing that well.

B Rickey


Scott, your blog was recommended on Edwin Weaver's blog as suggested reading. I'm so thankful I took his suggestion to heart! I really really appreciate your objectivity. You do an amazing job of presenting more than one perspective in SUCH an honest manner.


"I am willing to share in some of the criticism of some contemplative practices that a few folk in the EC church (and other parts of the Christian Church) practice."

Scott, does your statement above included the practice of what are called Prayer Labyrith's?


Scott, I wanted to thank you for sharing your disapproval of the "Concerned Nazarenes" blog. I have my own reservations, and frankly confusion, when it comes to the EC dialogue, but I still respond to others in a Christ-like way when there is disagreement. Some of the "concern" shared on some other blogs borders on hatred and it's not appropriate. I would even question the context of some of the scripture references they use on the site. I understand their "concern," but not their methods.

Thanks for posting this 5-part FAQ series. It is very helpful to hear this from another Nazarene pastor's POV!

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