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October 20, 2008


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Very good explanation, Prof Daniels. There is a lot of confusion caused by terminology that has come to mean something other than originally intended. I've been keeping up with your blog for a few months now. As a former SNU student I find it interesting to keep up with what some of my "fav" professors are doing today!---Joanna (Zurcher)

Marsha Abeyta

First of all, thank you for responding. I kinda/sorta understood your explanation of my "can we lose our salvation" question. And I was ok until predestination/election came up...and then...I thought of the passage in Malachi when God says "...but Esau I have hated..." So--if God chooses who He will love or hate...what about those who are predestined to belong or not belong to Him (Romans 8)? You've given me a great deal of "food for thought" and I'm certainly not going to beat this subject to death, so I'll consider this closed, with much appreciation, Marsha.

Sarah Marion

This is great and consistent with what I learned at Northwest Nazarene, but it not so consistent with some of my experiences growing up in a Nazarene church. Open question: Is this because Calvinism or reformed theology more broadly creeps back into our churches? Or are we humans just bad at this radical kind of love and "relationality"? Both?


Has the Wesleyan view of salvation in the Nazarene church always been a relational view? Or has it changed in the 100 years? What I have mostly heard is Christ died for our sins. Sacrificial lamb paying the price. So is it a changing mentality in the church, or is it just different views based on region (i.e. Bible belt)?

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