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June 22, 2017


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Janna Pyle

Well said, Pastor Scott! Thank you for all you do for CCN and for the church in general.

Dick Mottram

Thank you, Scott. My feelings are the same. Yes, I do go to church to be encouraged and built up. But most of all is my act of worship to Christ. I too am a Nazarene by birth, but it has raised me (those in the church who have shaped my life), taught me (NNC, BNC, NBC, NTS, ONU), ordained me, given me opportunity to serve. I feel a responsibility to show others not only what Christ can do for me, but what influence I can be in my local Church of The Nazarene. I sincerely believe that God leads the church through prayer and the ballot box.

Susan Bowers

Absolutely love what you said. It is exactly how I feel, but written far better than I could ever express!

John Burlison


I wholeheartedly agree with what you said above in your post. There are some disadvantages of being denominational especially for small churches. The system of "budgeting" is so antiquated that it must be overhauled. The current system is based on expenses and becomes a tax on the smaller churches which can prevent growth. Smaller churches that depend on 100% volunteer pastors (since they can't afford to have them on the payroll) burn out a lot of their congregation. Especially those willing to do the heavy lifting. I am a life-long Nazarene (5th generation) and have seen these effects in many of the smaller churches I have attended and served in. I hope that the Nazarenes can come up with a way to equitably support our pastors with a pension, help with missionaries, and other good works without over taxing their congregations. The whole emphasis on meeting budgets.... (I have seen the shame placed on pastors who have not met the requirement at a district assembly) is something that has driven good people to non-denominational organizations that don't have this requirement. I would love to hear your perspective on this.

David F. Nixon

Thank you, Dr. Scott, for this well-written and thoughtful post. You summarized what a lot of us are feeling. I especially liked the paragraphs about denominational accountability. I am praying that God will guide the delegates in in the selection of humble, competent, Spirit-filled, prayerful, servant leaders. This is the greatest need of the hour, not tampering with our theology or practices.

Ali Ravasdy

You write what my heart feels. Thank you. Love your family and my whole Nazarene family.

Ron Blake

Good job Dr. Scott


This is great, Scott... thank you!

Terry Edwards

I absolutely LOVE this! Thank you for humbly articulating how I feel!!!

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