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November 25, 2014


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Kevin OConnor

Is it possible this is all about manipulation by officials, media, and social networks and share we dare say by demonic forces? Was there a decision from the start to use this situation to create civil unrest? The trust factor is broken far beyond the racial issues. We say it about culture and yes that is the playing field if your an unbeliever, but for the Christian our warfare is not against flesh or blood but against the authorities of wickedness. I am mad over the manipulation that is happening on all levels. Someone needs to lead in a kingdom way of life. Where there isn't a black or white, Greek, Jew, or Gentile but citizens of The Kingdom of God. If this becomes the issue then we have evil and good discussions. If not it seems evil gets the only voice.

phyllis hartwig

There are so many divisions in the Christian community. I.E. Abortion, social welfare, race divisions, that it really makes my head spin..we say, how can anyone who is a Christian believe in abortion, social welfare, etc. But, you know, Scott, in the end it's God's job to sort it all out..I'm so glad to leave that to Him. (aren't you?)

Ricky Bobby

Listening is a good start, but it seems in most cases I hear white leadership say, let's listen and then end there. But it seems that most people want to live as far away as possible from those who need to be he heard the most. Thus mother Theresa, Ghandi, and Jesus moved into the neighborhood and earned their right to speak after having listened. Is it possible to listen from a distance, without true solidarity? Can I love my neighbor as myself only when I decided what kind of neighbors I want to live with? Just some thoughts that I need to chew on.

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