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March 04, 2013


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John Leach

Scott, I thought they should have included the idolitry of the Israelites that Mosses confronted after he come down the mountain with the 10 commandments. There was no explaination why they had to wait 40 years before entering the promise land and no explaination as to why Joshua was chosen as the successor to Moses.


It also got our family talking too. The kids asked questions about things that were different or omitted and we opened the Bible several times for clarification. We too wondered about the ninja angel and why they chose to use a lamb instead of a ram during Abraham's testing as scripture says. I have less trouble with omissions than I do incorrect additions or odd versions of artistic license.

Jane Tawel

Like that you have tied in Ellul's comments. Why I personally can not watch anything that I don't want a visual image for, including The Passion, Lord of the Rings and Life of Pi! I am immersed currently in the daily Bible Old Testament (Leviticus!) which would certainly never make it to the big or small screen. Probably will not watch the series but I do give up the connections with my kids and students by this choice so glad you got that important one with your kids.

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