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November 20, 2012


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Great thoughts Scott, excited to pick this one up soon. Though I agree that Rob Bell as a Wesleyan would be terrific and would probably be more accepted, I think folks like Piper and Driscoll responded more to his theology + famousness, not theology + reformed affiliation. In fact, maybe the book says otherwise, but I didn't know of any affiliation that Mars Hill had, Reformed or not. Seems like Driscoll and Piper's problem is that he's a Christian writing New York Time's Bestsellers and not preaching Reformed theology. I think this would be true if he were non-denom, Wesleyan, Nazarene or whatever.

That being said, I do agree with your criticism. I've been thinking a lot lately about what it meant for hm to leave his church. His books and videos and sermon podcasts have really shaped who I am and how I believe more than most individuals have, but so much of why that was important to me was because he was a pastor, which I wanted to be too. I hope that whatever he is working on in LA is meaningful, and I'll continue to follow his work, but it's difficult for me to value him as much as I once did now that he's outside of a church setting.

Scott D.

You are probably correct that Mars Hill hasn't been expressly Reformed. But given Rob's background and that they planted the church in GR made the church a magnet for young people from the CRC and RCA. (It would be sort of like being raised Mormon, attending BYU, and then planting a "non-LDS" church in Salt Lake City).
You are right that some of the same critiques arising out of his popularity would have been present even in Wesleyan circles. My point was just that some of the specific theological critiques he has received from the neo-Reformed circles aren't "really" the battles in Wesleyan/Holiness circles. Unless of course you count the Fundamentalists within our own ranks.

Josh "Disneyologically Devinare" Mastan

"Somewhere there is probably a happier medium to reach between the Church as Spirit movement and Church as institution."
I like that a lot.

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