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May 05, 2012


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Amanda M

Thank you for your thoughtful and challenging words!

Morris Isara

Dr. Daniels, I was at the Convocation for my son who graduated as a ministry major and was so profoundly impacted by your speech and challenge. I have never heard a more powerful message at any graduation event, university or seminary! It felt raw but refined, honest without compromise,captivating but frightening. I hope that APU will make an audio or DVD recording available. It would be a gift to the world, worthy to be shared with any who would dare to receive the challenge.


Pastor Scott,

I am a frequent listener of "Faith that Works" on KKLA and have been deeply blessed by your ministry. You have a way of addressing the weaknesses of the American church in a way that is both sensitive and edifying, while addressing the necessary Biblical steps we need to take to reinvigorate our witness among the lost in our culture.

I am also a recent college grad (from a secular university) and have been impressed with graduates I have met from APU.

Youtube recently featured videos of high-profile commencement speakers from all over the country. Reading your speech reminds us of how the hopes and aspirations of Christians are to be wholly distinct from that of our secular peers. Nowhere in your speech did I hear the words "job market" or "recession" or "college degree." Clearly you want people to leave school with something far greater and deeper than a piece of paper and a job: a sense of purpose that is not subject to the changing tides of the economy and which transcends the lust for status, material gain, and comfort.

I hope we Christians will take heed of your clarion call and prayer. My only qualm about your speech is the lack of any examples of the great WOMEN of God told of in His Word-- from Deborah to Esther to Ruth to Mary et al. - who embody the ideals set forth in your prayer.

It is vital moving forward that the historical imagination of Christians does not confine the legacy of of our faith to narratives which idolize men, while diminishing women and the truth of our equal responsibility in holding positions of influence in the world for the greater glory of God and advancing the kingdom of Christ in this age and the age to come.

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