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March 27, 2012


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Scott, could you speak to how this affects profession and calling? Calling perhaps being something that fulfills but does not pay the bills and/or provide in ways culture deems necessary; insurance, retirement etc. Profession being that which may not fulfill (or may) and can or has potential to secure and sustain life. My thought being that it seems we can be "distracted" by provision all the while called to a particular telos that may not sustain life.

It seems there is a generation that want to live into mission, but mission does not provide in the financial ways that we are told are indeed important - there is a fairly large tension here. does Kent's book speak to this? Seems that it may.

I hope this question makes sense. I wish I was as articulate as Kent - looks like a great book that I may have to pic up.

Scott D.

I do think your question has important relevance to the question of telos. Kent mainly deals with the relation of telos to addiction. But certainly a lack of mission plays into that.

Kent Dunnington

Someone just told me about this review on facebook. It's my favorite review yet. Most of the big insights of the book are just implications of what you taught me 15 years ago (!) in Introduction to Christian Thought and in Ethics. I can still remember some of those lectures! Thank God I had you as a teacher.


I cannot say, that addiction is a modern phenomena. It has its roots in our animal nature. But nowadays these addictions became very perverted and severe in their forms. Plus, there is a new added - internet addiction. http://addictiontreatment.org has lots of information on those. But thank you that you cover this topic from a religious/philosophical side.

james dujack

Loved this book ...Addiction and Virtue.... Further thoughts... Might this be a better means of viewing and ministering to homosexuality??? They seem stuck in the same 2 camps.. born that way /// choices.

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