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April 02, 2011


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Read and reviewed some of the book and while much of Platt's diagnosis of today's Church is well founded, his remedy is flawed. The fundamental problem with "Radical" is its radical confusion of law and gospel. The law and gospel are so connected throughout that the law ultimately absorbs the gospel. Though Platt uses many of the right phrases and rightly criticizes Joel Osteen, he ends up confusing law and gospel just as much as the famous television "pastor." While a gentle moralism ("your best life now") in seen in much evangelical preaching today, what comes from "Radical" is only a taxing legalism.
Platt repeatedly issues a call to "live the gospel". Whether this comes from a lack of precision or from the standpoint of theological conviction, the misrepresentation of the gospel for readers is much the same. Nowhere does Scripture issue a command for believers to live the gospel. This is the unique work of Christ alone. the Scriptures call us to believe the gospel and to obey the law (Titus 2:10,;Phil. 1:27; Eph. 4:1). This is no theological hair-splitting, but a fundamental and critical distinction. Law and gospel are to be as carefully distinguished as Christ's work on the cross is from loving your neighbor. When it comes to this difference, you cannot be too precise. Calvin's successor Theodore Beza said that we must pay attention to these things. Because we can say that ignorance of this distinction between Law and Gospel is one of the main causes of abuses which corrupted and is still corrupting Christianity.

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Matthew Hauge

You probably already know this, but his follow-up book, Radical Together, came out a couple weeks after this post.


In any case, I really enjoy reading your posts - keep up the good work my friend.

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