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March 02, 2011


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Wesley Mcgranor

Interesting reads...

Patrick Oden

"But it also made me wonder how many times I have been blind to the revelation of beauty and missed a moment to marvel."

This makes me think a bit about sanctification. Far too often we limit sanctification to the clearly ethical, almost legal. As we are sanctified we indulge all those deadly sins less and less. Or, on the other side, we help those in need more.

I like the idea of a more expansive understanding of sanctification, not least of all because I think the Spirit of Life, is more expansive in the work of sanctification.

In the sanctified life we not only become more moral, we become more aware of beauty in all its forms. Our soul expands to embrace the beauty of words, of art, of music, of nature so that we celebrate with God the truth and hope that he has given to this world both in the creation and in the re-creation through Christ.

Patrick Oden

I like this one from Patrick Kavanaugh:

That in the end
I may find
Something not sold for a penny
In the slums of Mind
That I may break
With these hands
The bread of Wisdom that grows
In the other lands.
For this, for this
Do I wear
The rags of hunger and climb
The unending stair.

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